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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Association homepage
includes classroom materials links and link to Lincoln Daily Log
Abraham Lincoln Camps
links to Lincoln newsletters, distance learning opportunities with Lincoln presenters, historical information on Lincoln and student study links.
Abraham Lincoln for Primary Children
includes online quiz of Lincolns childhood, links to Lincoln Boyhood Memorial, weblinks and more
Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitalization Project
links to digitalized images and documents from Lincolns Illinois years 1830-1860 sponsored by Northern Illinois University
Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum, Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN
Includes a listing of repository guides to the LMU Lincoln Collection Research Collection
Abraham Lincoln Links
links to Lincoln genealogy, classroom activities, legal career, and many more related museums, groups, homes and presidency
Abraham Lincoln Online
vast resource links to speeches, student resources, fieldtrip ideas, museums, historical sites, Lincoln images and much more
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
kids page, timelines, selected readings and more
Abraham Lincoln Research Site
multiple listings for Mary Todd Lincoln, Lincoln links, Lincoln children, student page and much more
Abraham Lincoln Guide from
Edited guide to information on Abraham Lincoln and events of his life
Abraham Lincoln guide from Americas Library
A kid friendly collection of image, documents & stories of famous Americans & American Historical Events from the Library of Congress
Lincoln’s Pockets What was in Lincoln's pockets at his death
President Lincoln Facts about Lincoln as President
Abraham Lincoln guide from American President. org
includes biographical, cabinet, and key events information
American President: Abraham Lincoln
From the Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia. Includes images, essays, timeline, biographical facts and more
American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank: Gettysburg Address
Audio files of address spoken by Sam Waterson, Jeff Daniels, Johnny Cash and Jim Getty
Association of Lincoln Presenters
List names, address, email and website for over 100 A. Lincoln presenters, plus additional historical figures.
Civil War Poetry: President Lincoln
Includes poems by Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman and Vachel Lindsay
Collected Works of Lincoln
searchable by simple & Boolean searches with unique word index
Gilder Lehrman Instituteof American History: Lincoln
A collection of online essays and exhibits, events, resources and podcasts of historians talking about Abraham Lincoln's life and legacy.
History Channel's Lincoln Guide
link on Lincoln includes hyperlinks to key figures like Mary Lincoln, Slavery, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Springfield and more
History Now
Click on past newsletters for December 2006 "Lincoln" issue
Abraham Lincoln timeline, photos and words
Illinois State Archives
Lincoln Document collection
Illinois State Historical Society
Scroll down left column for Illinois History Research Guide for Lincoln website links including Lincoln Archives at the Illinois State Library
Indiana Historical Society's Lincoln Online Exhibits
Abraham Lincoln-Related Manuscripts
Jack Smith Lincoln Graphics Collection
Daniel R. Weinberg Lincoln Conspirators Collection
Alexander Gardner Lincoln Glass Plate Negative
Indiana's Lincoln
Official Lincoln Bicentennial website for the State of Indiana. List events and resources.
K-12 Teaching and Learning Center (User id needed)
Lincoln Guide
Includes links to history, biographies, race issues, and cross reference links to American History, Civil War, speeches and more.
Lincoln & Race Guide
Library of Congress American Memory site search by topic or timeline
Lincoln Papers @ LOC
Lincolns Virtual Library @ LOC
Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
Federal Commission for Lincoln's Bicentennial with many links to information
About Lincoln
includes gallery, timeline, speeches, and online resources
Lincoln Books from
Includes works by Lincoln and images found in Lincoln books. Some text is downloadable in electronic format
Francis Browne's "Everyday Life Of Abraham Lincoln"
Lincoln College Museum
take a virtual tour of collection
Lincoln Institute
homepage for Mr. Lincoln and Friends, Mr. Lincolns Whitehouse, Mr. Lincoln and Freedom and more. Teacher and student assistance pages for websites
Lincoln Museum @ Fort Wayne, Indiana
List exhibits, events and list of Lincoln related websites. Museum is closing June 30, 2008
Lincoln Pioneer Village at Rockport, Indiana
Virtual tour and information of replicas of historic buildings built and used by the Lincoln Family during their Indiana Years
Albert Kaplan’s website dedicated to the quest of proving his daguerreotype “Portrait of a Young Man” is really one of a young Abraham Lincoln. Links to various professional reports he has commissioned to provide proof for his theory.
Lincolns New Salem State Historic Site
includes virtual tour of location, online classroom materials under students link.
Looking for Lincoln
list Lincoln Historical Sites of Central Illinois by town with links to historical sites website
Mary Todd Lincoln
Home place, at Lexington, website by Kentucky Historical Sites
Home place official website includes history, photos, and biographical information on Mrs. Lincoln
Mr. Lincoln's Whitehouse
a collection of images and historical information as to how the Whitehouse look like and who came and when in Lincoln's day. Pages are printable.
National Parks Service sites Search by state or park.
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site
Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
Lincoln National Home
President Lincoln and Soldiers' Home National Monument
Listing of history and resources around the cottage Lincoln lived in at the Soldiers' Home.
Springfield Visitors Center
includes information on Bicentennial events and historic places in and around Springfield, IL Information on past presidents and their wives
Mary Todd Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Guide from
Mary Lincoln Guide from

19th Century America
"American History Guide" from Subdivided by century, major events and includes biography section with links to quizzes and "history today" facts
America's Libary
A New Nation (1790-1828) timeline of events
Western Expansion and Reform (1829-1859) timeline of events
American History Guide from
Subdivided by century, major events and includes biography section with links to quizzes and history today facts
Antebellum Kentuckians
site of Kentuckians who were famous in their time
Bear Wallow Books, Indianapolis, Indiana
Pubishes a variety of historical recipe books which include history and culture of the time period
Digital History
timelines with social, political and cultural events
Eyewitness to the 19th Century
first person accounts of historical events
Indiana Historical Bureau
Indiana Historian is a 16 page booklet free for downloading or purchased from IHB for $1.00 or classroom sets of 20 for 30 cents each ($6.00). Topics vary by issue
Introducing Indiana: Past & Present
Indiana Almanac (pdf only)
Indiana Territory
Indiana Statehood
Canal Mania in Indiana
Indiana Grist Mills (pdf only)
K-12 Teaching and Learning Center (User id needed)
United States History Guide
United States History Late 1700's early 1800's
Library of Congress' American Memory
Pioneering the Upper Midwest
Timeline 1800-1849
National Archives: Exhibits Expansion & Reform (1801-1861)
Digitized documents from the NARA collection
Roots Web
Pioneer Life in Ohio, includes food, medicines and survival skills
Stephen Collins Foster's Songs
Biography, lyrics and timeline
University of Kansas Virtual Library of American History
Age of Jackson, 1830-1857
Coming of War, 1850-1860
Civil War, 1857-1865
Early history of Whig party
American Whig Party essay from Revolution to Reconstruction

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Lincoln-Douglas Debates,
Includes text from each debates, correspondence between debates and links to speeches for both men
Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Digital History
Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Freeport, IL
work in process from Freeport, IL No information at this time
Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Knox College
Podcasts of debate reenactments from Knox College
Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Lincoln Home, Springfield, IL (NPS)
List each debate with date, location and full text of debate. Includes Illinois map with debate locations
Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Lincoln Home, Springfield, IL (NPS)
Includes history of debates
Lincoln-Douglas Debates,
Includes lesson plans, maps, newspaper clippings of debates and a large variety of images
Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Lincoln Institute
includes debate speeches and an index to events before and after debates
Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Lincoln classroom (Lincoln Institute)
Includes debates and maps
Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Teaching American
text of each debate and audio lecture

Political Parties

Political Parties
Politics list a variety of political parties over the decades includes current parties and their presidential candidates Posted by Ron Gunzburger
Political Parties
Political Science Resources from University of Michigan. Includes links to national parties, political cartoons, biographies and national elections
Political Parties
List of U.S Political Parties by Yahoo

Underground Railroad & Slavery Issues

Aboard the Underground Railroad (NPA)
list information on slavery, anti-slavery, how the Underground Railroad operated, sites link list know stations by states with weblinks to sites.
Indiana Historical Bureau
Underground Railroad in Indiana includes links to known stations and information on the underground railroad and the Indiana Freedom Trails initiative
Underground Railroad books available from IHB
Indiana Historian issue Indiana Emigrants to Liberia
Friends of Freedom Society and Ohio Underground Railroad Association
Online links, education resource page and current research in Ohio on Underground Railroad sites
K-12 Teaching & Learning Center (User ID needed)
Slavery Guide
Underground Railroad Guide
Kennett Underground Railroad Center
Site is located in Kennett Square, PA includes maps of stations and online diaries
Lest We Forget: The Passage From Africa to Slavery and Emancipation
Homepage for Black Holocaust Exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia.
Library of Congress' American Memory Site
Search by topic or timeline
Slaves and the Courts, 1740-1860
Slavery-the Peculiar Institution
Free Blacks in the Antebellum Period
Abolition, Anti-Slavery Movements
African-American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati, OH
National Geographic's Underground Railroad the Journey
historical facts, and resource pages
National Parks Service/National Historic Landmarks Program Theme Studies
Underground Railroad Resources in the United States Theme Study, Information on historic sites in the United States which have been identified as stations along the Underground Railroad. Vast historical information and lists criteria for historic designation.
National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom includes information on the Underground Railroad and links to historical sites through out the United States. Features a new Underground Railroad Story each day.
Underground Railroad Guide from
Online guide to information about Underground Railroad stations, conductors, abolitionist, history and more.
Underground Railroad Site (UC Davis)
A collection of personal narratives of the times, information on Abolitionist and Fugitive Slave Law, literature, hymns and maps. Site has disclaimer that it is not currently maintained by UCDs School of Ed.
William Still Underground Railroad Foundation
Information on William Still and links under “resources” on abolitionist and other related sites
Yahooligans- Underground Railroad Guide

Lesson Plans

Apples 4 the"
President Lincoln
Chicago Historical Society
Digital History links to lesson plans, timelines, modules and primary documents
Pre-Civil War Reform
Coming of the Civil War
Secession and the Civil War
Sectional Conflict
African-American Voices
A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln online exhibit
Teacher's Handbook for exhibit available by written request
Resource Guides by time period
A history center & classroom with links to primary resources, lesson plans, activities, websites, glossary, teacher resources and a two week curriculum guide.
Cobblestone Publishing
Lesson plans based on issues of magazine
Underground Railroad
George Rodgers Clark
National Road
Erie Canal
Cyber Teacher
Guide to Russell Freedman's Lincoln: a Photobiography
includes historical information with links to additional information including
Lincoln lessons
African-American History Lessons
History Channel Study Guide to Civil War Journal
online study guide to video series
Illinois History Teacher
free magazine with curriculum guides on Illinois History from the IHPA
A. Lincoln Philosopher
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Stephen A. Douglas and the Northern Democratic Origins of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Illinois State Museum
At Home on the Fringes of the Prairie, 1800-1850
At Home on the French Frontier, 1700-1800
Indiana Historical Society
Nineteen's 19: 1778-1850
teacher's guide based on primary documents from Indiana's early years as a territory and a state. Primary documents available online
Ken Burn's Civil War online Resource
Classroom guide for PBS series
Lincoln's Classroom
Includes cartoons, maps, weblinks, online quizzes, lesson plans and more. Sponsored by Lincoln Institute and Lehrman Institute
Lincoln word search, puzzles and activities
Lincoln net
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Two interactive lessons based on debates and geographic locate of each debate. Includes links             to debate text, maps, images
“Lincoln: Photobiography”
Teacher's guide for Russell Freedman award winning book
National Archives and Records Agency
Teaching with Documents program incorporates digitized primary documents at the NARA into classroom lessons
Expansion & Reform (1801-1850)
Civil War & Reconstitution (1850-1877)
The Amistad Case
Fugitive from Labor Case
Revolution and New Nation, 1754-1820's
Expansion and Reform, 1801-1868
National Geographic Expeditions
Resources & lesson plans for geography classes K-12
Underground Railroad-History of Slavery NGS Online adventure with interactive lessons
National Park Service
Teacher Zone from NPS list teacher workshops, traveling trunks, and links to learning
Curriculum Guides for purchase from NPS: includes cost & addresses
Frederick Douglass Overview online collection of images from the Frederick Douglass Museum Includes timeline, image gallery, and extensive virtual image collection
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati, OH
Educator's Page
Online lesson plans
New York Times Learning Network
Awful Event: Lincoln’s Assassination
Highly Important: Emancipation Proclamation
Presidential Election:1860
Includes lessons plans with actual New York Times articles and images
Papers of Abraham Lincoln Curriculum Guides
Legal Papers Curriculum Guide
Courtroom to Classroom Legal Paper Curriculum Guide
PBS Teacher Source
High School Lessons: U.S. History:Slavery/Civil War/Reconstruction
Middle School Lessons: U.S. History: Slavery/Civil War/Reconstruction
The Time of the Lincoln (American Experience)
Includes lesson plans and teacher resources
Africans in America
Online resource guide for PBS Video includes lesson plans, resources, actitivities
Slavery and the Making of America
Includes timelines, actitivies, family histories and more.
Stephen Foster Lesson Plans for Grades K-6
Lessons on Abraham Lincoln
Lessons on Slavery and the Abolitionist Movement
Smithsonian in Your Classroom
Smithsonian Institute lesson plans
Establishing Borders: Expansion of the United States (1846-1848) Grades 4-8
Online Activities for Kids
Online Activities for Teens
Free classroom activities, videos and kits for teachers
Teaching with Historic Places Online lesson plans for historical registered places with the National Parks Service. You can search by topic, location, social studies standard or time period.
Pioneer life
Lincoln Boyhood Home (Indiana)
Lincoln Home (Illinois)
Verizon Thinkfinty (formerly Marco Polo): type in topic into search box, can limit by subject & grade by selecting preferences includes lessons from Edsitement, Read, Write,Think, Expeditions and more nationally noted organizations
Debate Rubric from Read, Write, Think
Can You Convince Me? Developing Persuasive Writing from Read, Write, Think
Slavery's Opponents and Defenders Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854: Popular Sovereignty and the Political Polarization over Slavery (lesson #3 from House Dividing )
Debate Against Slavery
Abraham Lincoln on the American Union: A Word Fitly Spoken
First American Party System

Exploring the Undergroung Railroad
Online information and lessons on the Underground Railroad from Scholastic
Pioneers, a Thinkquest
Traveling on the Underground Railroad
by Madeline White @ U of VA
Underground Railroad
by Ms. Baumann, Mr. Bowman and Mr. Haines

General Resources

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration
listing of providers & programs for videoconferences via Vision Athena(AAVS), ISDN or IP connections. Current Providers listed for Lincoln & Pioneer/Frontier life include: Indiana Historical Society, Conner Prairie, , and Cincinnati Art Musuem.
History Channel
information by keyword search or by timeline
History Place
the select a topic, time period from American or World History
Indiana Education Service Centers Homepage
Link to the nine Education Service Center serving Indiana educators


Available to Indiana residents only,online databases for biography, Midwestern trees, poetry & literature, animal encyclopedia and newspaper & magazine articles. Must register for password or IP recognition for schools home computers More details here
Kid-Friendly version of INSPIRE
(Free to Indiana residents) Elementary version of animal encyclopedia and newspaper & magazine articles. Must register for password or IP recognition for schools More details here
Jackdaws catalog
Secession (Grades 7-12)
Slavery Comes to the New World (Grades 5-8)
Slave Trade & Its Abolition (Grades 7-12)
Slavery in the United States (Grades 7-12)
Underground Railroad (Grades 5-8)
Nat Turner's Slave Revolt (Grades 7-12)
War Between the States: Civil War (Grades 5-8)
Civil War (Grades 7-12)
Civil War: A Cartoon History, 1860-1865, Six part series
Theme poster set: Slavery
Theme poster set: Civil War Album
Theme poster set: Abraham Lincoln
A History of the Political Parties in America
Erie Canal
War of 1812
Immigrants to a Growing Nation, 1800- 1880
User ID needed
Subscription site include over 1500 subject guides. More info on membership @ the K-12TLC Indiana membership form
Online resource for research, study and forums/discussion groups for teachers around the world.
Web Advisor
Online guide for searching on the Internet and evaluation of online information found. Includes Internet citation sources, search engine tips and examples of different types of websites.

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