Response Log


According to Stephen Krashen in The Power of Reading, nothing increases reading comprehension and vocabulary retention as much as free voluntary reading.  Therefore, this nine weeks you will be reading materials of your choice and keeping a reader response journal.  You may choose to read absolutely anything as long as it is school and age appropriate.

Ø      This journal will record your responses and reactions to different books read during the grading period.

Ø      The first page of your journal should be a title page that includes:  your name, date, class, total pages read, titles of books read, and total pages written.

Ø      Your journal pages should be neatly written or typed in sentence and paragraph form.

Ø      Enter a response every 30-50 pages or by chapters.

Ø      Record the following information before each entry:  date, title of book, time of reading, pages read.

Ø      Use different response forms as you read your book(s).

Ø      Do not write on the back of a page.

Ø      Your grade for this assignment will be based on the following scale:

Pages Read            Pages Written in Journal                 Grade
150                          4-6                                            C
300                         7-9                                            B
500                         10-12                                         A
600                          14+                                           A+

Sample Reader Response Log Entries

& What were your feelings after reading the opening chapter of this book?

& Did this book make you laugh? Cry? Cringe? Smile? Cheer? Explain.

& What connections are there between the book and your life? Explain.

& What is the most important word in the book? The most important passage? The most important event or feeling?  Explain.

& Who shouldn’t or shouldn’t read this book? Why?

& What are the best parts of the book? Why? What are the worst parts? Why?

& Do you like the ending of the book? Why or why not? Do you think there is more to tell?  What do you think might happen next?

& What came as a surprise in the book? Why?

& What parts of the book seem most believable or unbelievable? Why?

& What makes you wonder in this book? What confuses you?

& In what ways are you like any of the characters? Explain.

& Do any of the characters remind you of friends, family members, or classmates? Explain.

& Which character would you like to be in this book? Why?

& What would you and your favorite character talk about in your conversation? Begin the conversation.

& Do you think the title fits the book? Why or why not?

& What was the author saying about life and living through this book?

& Has the book helped you in any way? Explain.

& How have you changed after reading this book? Explain

& What do you know now that you didn’t know before?

& What questions in this book would you like answered?

& What do I think will happen next?

& What are some words I don’t know or questions I have?

& What does the writer’s purpose seem to be?

& What does the writer’s purpose seem to be?

& What do I notice about characters, setting, and point of view?

& My favorite character is…….because…..

& I can relate to….

& If I was the author, I’d change…..

& Something that doesn’t make sense about this story is…

& What I think will happen next is……

& If I were….(character in story), I’d…..

& I believe the author wanted the reader to……

& Something unrealistic or too coincidental in the story is……..

& My favorite sentence so far is….because……

& The most important character is…….because…

& Write a poem:   A.  From a  character’s viewpoint  B. About the setting  C. About a character  D.  About the theme of the book

& How would the story be different if it was told:  A. From a different  B. From a narrator  C. In a different time period

& Write a eulogy (  a speech honoring someone after death) for one of the characters.

& Create a slogan for the book and explain why you chose this…

& Writing a commercial script for this book.

& If this book would become a movie, choose 5 main scenes and why you chose them.

& This book is controversial because…..

& This story helps me understand the problem of…better because…..

& Create and explain a math formula that would summarize your plot.

& If you could be related to a character, who would it be and why?

& Turn a scene of narrative into a play script?

& Write a feasible solution for a problem a character has that is different from anything suggested in the book?

& In the sequel to this book, the following should happen…..

& Choose a color for this book and explain why it fits the story.

& Give 3 reasons why this book should be taught to a whole class.

& Examine, in detail, one character’s personality.

& Choose a food that represents this book and explain why.

& Create a theme song with lyrics for the book.

& If this book could be compared to a car, what model would it be and why?

& Write the body could be compared to a car, what model would it be and why?

& Write the body of a letter to the author of your book.

& Choose a character of the book, and decide what would be two appropriate birthday present for that character and explain why.

& Discuss a portion of the book that was too predictable.

& What type of reader would enjoy this book and why?

& This book has made me reconsider or think twice about……because….

& Discuss a conflict in the book  that is “timeless” and “universal”

& If I could step into the book, the first thing I would do is…

& I can’t understand why ______ doesn’t just …

& I laugh aloud when…

& I felt like crying when…

& I was furious when…

& If the book were set 50 years in the future or the past, how would the conflict change?

& Which character would you choose as a friend, brother/sister, boyfriend/girlfriend,

& mother/father?

& I was surprised when…..

& This book reminds me of the fairy  tale….because….

& If I were making this book into a movie, the part(s) I would cut out or change would be…..because…..

& Create a cluster showing the interrelationships of the characters.

& Discuss how…(character) shows his/her personality through  the dialogue in the story.

& Discuss how…..(character) shows his/her personality by the actions he/she takes.

& Discuss how…..(character) shows his/her personality by what other characters say  or do toward this character.

& Create an award for this book. Explain the award and why this book received it.