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World/Ancient History

Ancient City of Athens
A photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece).
Ancient Greek Costume slide show
Internet slide show on women clothing. Select Ancient Greek.
Ancient World Maps
Listing of maps of Ancient Greece (Hellas) and Homeric Geography
Ancient Greek World
Includes information on land, daily life, coinage, pottery, religion and aspects of death.
Didaskalia: Ancient Theatre Today
Your electronic source for Greek and Roman drama, dance, and music.
Exploring Ancient Worlds
Links to ancient history of Egypt, Near East, India China, Greece, Rome, Islam & Medieval Europe.
Facts from around the World
Pieces of facts and trivia from various countries around the world
Greece Information
Includes travel and history
Greek Jewelry: 5000 years of tradition
Travel through time as you explore Greek jewelry and jewelry-making techniques from antiquity to recent times.
Hellas Online
Greek mythology, history and maps
Historical Text Archive
Search by country or document title
Links to articles on Homer & The Odyssey
Magical Journey of Greece
Includes travel, tourism & culture of Greece
Odyssey Online:Greece
Links to sites on mythology, people, daily life, death & burial, and writing of Ancient Greeks
Perseus Project
This is an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond.
Resources on Ancient Greece (Hellas)
Links to artfacts, art, culture and museums of Ancient Greece
World History,AITLC
Links the world's history from Pre-history to present
World History Timelines, AITLC
Links to timelines of specific region or event of the world.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Photograph Directory
Photographs of ancient artifacts + information on Egyptian mythology
British Museum, Dept of Egyptian Antiquities
Online galleries, information & digs
Egypt: Exhibits
Virtual exhibits of artifacts
Explore King Tut's Tomb
photos, information & maps of tomb
Griffith Institute
Egyptian collection of Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University
Howard Carter's Journal
Reprints of Carter's journal from October, 1922
Howard Carter's Journal
Reprints of Carter's journal from January, 1923
Image of King Tut's tomb
graphical maps of layout of King Tut's tomb

United States History

AITLC Guide to United States History: Move West
Links to sites on the move West by settlers. Includes gazetter & museums.
AITLC Guide to United States:Late 1700's to Early 1800's
Links to sites on U.S. History from 1770-1840's.
American Facts & Trivia
Facts and trivia from various time periods and events on American History
American Memory
On-line collection of the Library of Congress. Search by specific collection or across collections.
American Revolutionary War
This site is full of great information and resources about the American Revolutionary War.
American Revolutionary War--Lafayette's Men
Information on the men of French Ancestry who fought in the American Revolution.
Animated Atlas
timline, primary sources, and websites on American History
Find information based upon 2000 Census and past Censuses
Find the name, address & email of your congressman or schedule for tomorrow's debates
Colonial America
information on the life & times in America from Jamestown until the Revolution
Colonial Williamsburg
Click on the horse & carriage and search the Williamsburg Almanck for information on colonial life & a colonial dateline from 1750-1783.
George Washington's Mount Vernon
Biographical information on George Washington & his home
Great American Speeches
from PBS, click on timeframe and then on speech. Speech in "pop-up" window.
History of American Women
information of women's role in the making of American history
National Museum of American History Timeline
This timeline explores our American heritage through objects in the Museum's
collections and exhibitions. To find more detailed information, click on any image.
information on the events and style of the 1920's
Includes information on pioneers of the American West.
Pioneer Living Farm
Pioneer life is recreated in Old Deseret, where 13 authentic pioneer homes and buildings combine with typical pioneer guides in authentic pioneer dress and animals. Old Deseret represents any of the hundreds of Mormon villages that popped up all around the State of Deseret between 1847 and 1869.
Railroads, History of U.S.
information on the history of railroads and their importance to American History.
Railroad Maps form 1828-1900
Collection of railroad maps from the Library of Congress' American Memory collection.
Library of Congress' on-line record of laws and votes from Congress
Tool Chests: A Virtual Exhibition
Virtual exhibit of various tool chest from the Smithsonian.
U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000
Information on the 2000 census
U.S. House of Representatives Law Library
Library has full-text searchable copies of U.S. Federal Code and U.S. Federal regulations (sorted by agency), federal court decisions, and treaties.
Voices of the Civil Rights
A history preservation project by the Library of Congress, AARP and Leadership Conference on Civil Rights interviewed Americans who participate and lived during the civil right movement period. Searchable database by year, location, author, story topic and keyword.
War of 1812
information on the War of 1812 including links, documents and databases.
Wild West
Information & photos of the American "Wild West", includes cowboys, outlaws and gunfights.
Official site of Whitehouse. includes history & virtual tour
Yahooligans! Links to U.S. History: Westward Movement
Links to the Oregon trail, pioneer life and biographies.

Vietnam Conflict

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Links to virtual Vietnam Memorial Wall

Meso American Cultures

K-12 TLC Guide to Aztecs, Inca & Mayan Cultures
(user ID needed)
Archaeology Guide,
National Geographic Incas
information on Incan mummies and culture
National Geographic Aztec Temple
information and photos on temple in Mexico
Olmec World
information on the Olmec culture
Spirit of Ancient Peru
information on Pervian art work
information on culture and religion of the Toltec Empire

Native American History & Culture

Food & Recipes
Traditional recipes of Native Americans
Native American Artifacts
Weapons by timeline
Native American Artifacts
Information on arrowheads, Indian burial mounds & archaeology.
Native American clothing
Information from on traditional Indian dress
Native American Culture
Information on food, legends, government, music, language and more
Native American Guide, k12 TLC (LCS User Id)
Guide to Native American studies includes famous Native Americans, tribal information, maps and history & culture of Native Americans
Native American History
Information on the history & government of Native American tribes
Paper Totem Poles
Color pages of traditional animals used for totem poles
Native American recipes from Gutsy Gourmet
Native American recipes from Recipe Source

Gutenberg & His Press

Art of the Book
Information on how to make a book
Before the Printing Press
List on different types of book making before the printing press
Book & Paper Arts for Kids
Includes list of books & internet sites for making books
Commericial Printing,
includes links to types of inks and printing processes
Daily Life of Middle Ages
Links to information on daily life of middle ages from
From Pen to Printing
Information on printing impact on society
Gutenberg Bible
Links to facsimile pages of Gutenberg Bible & life & times of Gutenberg
Gutenberg, Biography
Fascinating facts of Johannes Gutenberg
Gutenberg, Johannes
Information on Gutenberg's life
Gutenberg's Invention
Official site (in English) on Gutenberg and his printing press
Invention of Printing Press
Story of invention of printing press from
Letter Press Resources
Links to antique presses, letter cuts & types and a glossary of terms for printing presses
Middle Ages, AITLC
LInks to history & literature of middle ages
Printers & Typographers of Middle Ages
links to printers of middle ages from
Printers Guild Hall
Information on printer's apprencticeships & Furst & Schoeffer who printed Gutenberg's Bible after his death
University of Mainz
Links to how to get to Mainz, Germany and on Gutenberg

General History

Bad Fads
Whether it's go-go boots, 8-track tapes or pet rocks, you'll find something here that you just had to have and now wonder why.
Cyndi's List
The Mother Lode of genealogy sites. Includes sites on historical records, events & sites
Historic Disasters
Information on disaster whether caused in land, sea or sky. Includes airplanes, hurricanes, blizzards, fires and more.
History Channel
Historical information world wide
Online resources on world, United States & technology history
History Timelines on the Web
Various timelines including farming & music
Historical Estimates of World Population
Estimate population of world from 10,000 BC to 1950 AD.
World History: HyperHistory
search by subject (science, culture, religion or politics), people, history,maps and events by timeline
World Population Growth
World population in billions from 1000 AD to 2150 AD.

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