Students have a lot to gain by taking advantage of the variety of clubs, organizations and activities available at Lanesville.  These groups give students a chance to make new friends and develop deeper relationships with other students and teachers as they spend time together outside the classroom.  They give students a chance to explore different interests and to discover what gets them excited or fuels their passion.  It helps them learn about taking responsibility and being accountable to others, and about the value of collaboration and teamwork.  And when it’s time for college applications, involvement in extracurricular activities is one thing that many schools look for as they evaluate students and decide whom to accept.  Most of all, it’s just fun to be involved in something new or something you enjoy with your friends and fellow students.

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You might think that band is only for those with a special musical gift.  But learning to play an instrument and performing as part of a band, while providing intangible benefits and promoting an interest in music that can last a lifetime, does so much more for your child.  Music education physically develops the part of the brain that processes language.  It promotes the development of spatial intelligence, used for everything from solving math problems to packing a backpack for the day.  Music students tend to perform better on tests, including the SAT, and learn the value of sustained practice to improve and reach goals.  Music study fosters teamwork and discipline, and helps students better communicate and cooperate.  Because it focuses on doing as opposed to observing, music builds self-confidence, helps students overcome fears and improves many of the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

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Lanesville Choir

Would you like a healthier, less-stressed, higher-performing student?  Have them give choir a try.  Of course, it’s fun learning new songs and singing with other students.  But that’s just the beginning.  Research shows that singing boosts the immune system and strengthens the heart.  It has nearly the same effect on stress levels and emotional well-being as yoga does.  It strengthens the connections in the brain between seeing and hearing, which makes learning easier in all areas.  And just like in band, choir students tend to perform better on tests, including the SAT, and learn the value of sustained practice to improve and reach goals.  They learn about teamwork and discipline, communication and cooperation.  And because music is a constant throughout most of our lives, it provides a fun, healthy outlet that can last a lifetime.  In fact, it can even make that lifetime longer, since singing contributes to brain plasticity, which is a big deal as we age.


Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Sponsor: Brianne Kinney

Who: All students

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  • Compete in agriculture-based area competitions
  • Host benefit dinners for local and school groups
  • Help organize and put on the 50 cent Breakfast with Farm Bureau

Student Council

High School Sponsor: Megan Hodge

Middle School Sponsor: Jeff Hammond

Who: 7-12 students who run for positions

  • Elections take place each spring for the following year
  • Help plan school events like dances, Teacher Appreciation Week, and other student life events
  • Organize and support ELF

National Honor Society

Sponsor: Kacee Hussung

Who: 10, 11, and 12

  • Application process based on grades and community involvement in early September
  • Participate in community service activities throughout the community
  • Help out in school-wide “Serve Days” for teachers and staff

Renaissance Club

Sponsor: Aafke Garlock

Who: All students

  • Celebrate the school and larger community
  • Help plan and orchestrate community service projects
  • Work collaboratively with Renaissance Clubs at all Harrison county schools

Spanish Club

Sponsor: Megan Hodge

Who: Any high school student enrolled in Spanish

  • Participate in different cultural events after school
  • Plan and create fundraisers to benefit Water Step
  •  Attend Costa Rica Water Step philanthropy trip during Spanish III or Spanish AP years

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Sponsor: Aaron Guernsey 

Who: All students, not just athletes, during first lunch

  • Participate in lunchtime devotions
  • Share your faith with your friends
  • Organize See You at the Pole for National Day of Prayer

Drama Club

Sponsor: Sherry Dour and Jason Hudson

Who: All Students Grades 7-12

  • Have fun learning about acting, playwriting, stage production, stage makeup, set and costume design
  • Create and perform pieces for the community