Computer Assisted Meteorology Presentations

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    Meteorology is the study of weather and the forces and processes that cause it. Why do we need to study weather? How would you like to attend an outdoor picnic in the rain? Do you like to know when a severe storm is coming? We get this information from television, radio, newspapers, and weather radios. We receive this information from trained individuals called meteorologists. A meteorologists is a scientist who studies the atmosphere and its changes in order to predict daily weather. 

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You will become a meteorologist. In this activity, you will show the class a forecast similar to those you see on local news programs. You will be using PowerPoint to present your forecast.

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Your first task is to keep a weather journal. You must have twenty entries. Ten of these entries will need to come from television weather forecasts. You must include the following information in your journal: date, name of the meteorologist, the channel, high and low temperature information, rainfall, wind speed, and forecast. You may include any additional information that the meteorologist includes.


You will visit a local television station to tour the weather studio. You will be required to keep a journal of this trip. Your journal entry should include terminology that you hear used. You need to include information on equipment that you see. I am requiring that you write a paragraph to describe how your weather forecast will compare with those on television. Please include equipment and studio facilities in your comparison.


You will complete a 3 slide PowerPoint. The presentation will be on yourself. The purpose of this project will be for you to familiarize yourself with PowerPoint. The first slide will be your title slide. The second slide will be information on your family. The third slide will be information on yourself. You can include information on the types of food, music, and television programs that you like. 


The final part of this project is to complete a weather forecast PowerPoint presentation. You will complete a stack containing six slides. The first slide will be your title slide. The next five slides may be in any order that you choose. You must have a slide with temperature information, precipitation information, a weather map, an almanac slide with past weather information, and a detailed forecast for the next three days.



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Before you begin working on your projects, you need to look at the evaluations. You may click on these and view them. You may want to print out copies to keep with you to evaluate your project as you go along.

PowerPoint Presentation Evaluation

Task Evaluation

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Meteorology is important to our everyday lives. We rely on meteorologist to help us plan our day. We use the information to plan our wardrobe for the day and to know if it should include an umbrella. Meteorologist also save lives. The science of weather prediction has made many advances.  Meteorologists are able to warn us of dangerous thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Imagine a world without this valuable information.

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