When will assignments be posted?

    • Assignments will be posted by 9 AM (10 AM after 2 hour delay).
    • On Planned eLearning Days, teachers will post by 4 PM the night before the planned day.

    When will teachers be available for help?

    • All teachers will be available between 8 AM and 3 PM on the eLearning day.  Each teacher will have provided the best method for contacting them on this day.  
    • Skim all assignments and complete more difficult ones first so you know you will be able to get ahold of your teacher with questions.

    When are assignments due?

    • Assignments are due the next morning at the start of school.  

    What if I don’t have internet?

    • Contact with teacher(s) still needs to be made.  
    • Many times teachers can give parts of the assignment that can be completed without internet to prevent the student from getting more behind than necessary.
    • You are still responsible for the work of the day; you will just be given more time to complete it.

    What if my student has trouble completing an assignment (internet, questions, etc)?

    • Contact needs to be made with the teacher during the school day (8-3)..  
    • We will always work with students having problems and will give them time to complete their assignment as long as contact with the teacher was made DURING the day!.

    How can students be counted absent for the day?

    • If work is not completed and no contact is made with the teacher to help troubleshoot any problems or provide some alternative ways to work without internet, students will be counted absent for the day.

    What I can I expect from my teacher(s) that day?

    • Answer questions and provide support (both content/skills & assignment clarification) throughout the school day between 8 AM and 3 PM.  
    • Attempt to make contact with students who have not started their work by midday.

    What are Planned eLearning Days?

    • These are pre-determined dates in which teachers will come to school for trainings and students will complete their work from home. No students will be in the building on these days.