Our BPN Pride runs deep here at Lanesville, and we are extremely proud of all of our athletic teams for their hard work, dedication, & success.

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Vince Stilger, Certified Athletic Trainer, Biography

Fall Sports

Fall Sports
Cross Country
Coach: Holly Bailey

Coach: Bradey Sanders

Coach: Adam Belden

Tennis (Boys)
Coach: Michael Sizemore

Varsity Soccer
JV Soccer
Varsity Volleyball
JV Volleyball
Boys Tennis
Cross Country
Jr. High Cross Country
Jr. High Boys Tennis
8th Grade Volleyball
7th Grade Volleyball
5th Grade Girls Basketball
6th Grade Girls Basketball

Winter Sports

Winter Sports
Basketball (Boys)
Coach: Mikel Miller

Basketball (Girls)
Coach: Angie Hinton

Swimming & Diving
Coach: Marcie Bindner

Coach: Liz Schigur

Varsity Boys Basketball
Varsity Girls Basketball
Varsity Cheer
JV Boys Basketball
8th Grade Boys Basketball
7th Grade Boys Basketball
JV Girls Basketball
7th and 8th Grade Girls Basketball
JV Cheerleading
8th Grade Cheerleading
7th Grade Cheerleading
6th Grade Boys Basketball
5th Grade Boys Basketball
6th Grade Cheerleading
5th Grade Cheerleading
Varsity Swimming

Spring Sports

Spring Sports
Coach: Zach Payne

Golf (Boys)
Coach: Roger Reynolds

Tennis (Girls)
Coach: Michael Sizemore

Coach: Steve Sonner

Track & Field
Coach: Bob Winstead and Dan Stilger

Jr. High Tennis
High School Track
 Jr. High Track
 Varsity Baseball
 JV Baseball
Varsity Softball
JV Softball

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