Use your math skills to BREAKOUT!

    September 19, 2016

    This past week 6th graders were reviewing skills they have covered so far this year.  Each group had to work together to solve problems which gave them clues to open their lock! Students had to work on their 21st Century Skills of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking in order to get all the locks opened.

    With this Breakout box, students were able to review Order of Operations, GCF, Perfect Square, Place Value and Rounding, Word Problems, and Long Division in a creative and interactive way.  The students loved actively working together and working around the room in order to breakout.

    Breakouts are challenging for students because there is no option to just “move on” if a problem is difficult.  They have to work through that problem and solve it in order to get their lock opened! Sometimes it is easy to move on to the next problem or question if one is challenging, but with a breakout box the only solution is to work through it with your team!


    Mrs. Dunaway’s 6th Grade Math Classes