A Glimpse Inside the Classroom, Lanesville’s Blog is Up and Running!

    August 18, 2016

    Every day there are unbelievable things happening in our classrooms, K-12.  We know that many times those don’t always get conveyed once our students get home.  As a corporation, we want to open up the classrooms walls, for our students to the global world and for you as a parent or community member.  We want to provide you a glimpse into different classrooms throughout our K-12 building, so to do this, we have started our Glimpse Inside the Classroom Lanesville blog.

    Throughout the school year, different teachers will share something happening inside their classroom.  It might be an activity, a project, or the class itself.  We want to celebrate all that is wonderful here at Lanesville and what truly makes Lanesville a small community with a world class education.

    From kindergartners learning the basics about their tablets by completing their Tablet Treasure Maps to DigiTools students creating PSA’s on our new Empowered Use Policy, students are creating, making, and exploring already this school year.  Being one to one, we are able to allow our students opportunities of which we could have never dreamed when we were students.

    IMG_7907 IMG_8016

    We hope you continue to follow us as we share our one to one story and the amazing things happening on a daily basis inside our Lanesville walls.  You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram, @BPNEagles, to see updates throughout the week!

    We look forward to a wonderful school year and sharing more with you as the year progresses.

    Mrs. Schalk, Digital Learning Coach