JR/SR High Enroll

    Thank you for your interest in enrolling at Lanesville Jr/Sr High School. Click here to begin completing your Open Enrollment.

    By continuing to apply to Lanesville Jr/Sr High School, we will begin to collect information about your child. While it is extremely important to get your child’s name, family contact information and address we ask that you complete the entire enrollment form as best you can. If you are uncertain how to correctly answer a question, please feel free to leave that question blank, that information may be collected at a later time.

    Please be aware that if you live outside of our school district completing the online enrollment form is not a guaranteed acceptance to Lanesville Schools.

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    More information regarding acceptance of an out of district application will take place over the summer. Accepted applicants will be contacted and asked to complete registration which normally opens 2 weeks prior to the first day of school.

    Lanesville Community Schools has limited resources and is staffed to provide mild interventions and speech therapy for out of district special education students. Please use the “Comments” section of the enrollment page to communicate information regarding your student’s unique needs and ensure that Lanesville Community Schools are able to service you out of district student. If you have questions regarding the needs or potential needs of your out of district student please contact the school office directly. 812-952-2555.